On-Demand Webinar: 10 of the Craziest Cyberattacks Seen In the Wild and How You Can Avoid Them

It feels like we hear about a new devastating cyberattack in the news every day. And attack methods seem to be proliferating at an exponential rate. So, which tactics should you be aware of beyond standard “click and infect” attack vectors?

Watch Roger A. Grimes, KnowBe4's Data-Driven Defense Evangelist and popular cybersecurity author for this eye-opening on-demand webinar. Roger shares his take on several significant, advanced, and yes, crazy cyberattacks he’s seen in the wild. Plus, he shares defensive strategies you’ll want to implement to prevent them from affecting your network.

See examples of 10 amazing hacks showing how:

  • Your users’ passwords can be cracked in mere minutes
  • Cybercriminals easily bypass multi-factor authentication
  • Automated malware can devastate your network
  • Hackers can completely take over your network with a few simple steps
  • And more!

Find out what you can do to mitigate these advanced hacking techniques instead of becoming the next unknowing victim.


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"It was an excellent presentation. I was glued to my screen.  
Thank you"

"Great info -- I never gave much thought to the IT support techs being socially engineered and the role the script they have to follow plays in preventing getting hacked.  I'll be on the lookout for future webinars from KnowBe4."

"Great webinar, allow us to acknowledge the importance of educating users in IT security so they´ll be able to identify a hack or attack and know to respond."

"I am speechless at the moment by what I have learned today. This has been a big eye opener and plan on going back through the slides and using the links to educate myself more and implement what I can."

"I loved the presentation, very interesting and very educational.  The speaker did a wonderful job in pointing out some of the issues that are frequently missed at companies pertaining to keeping the sites secure"

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