On-Demand Webinar: 5 Things To Do When Your Organization Becomes the Victim of a Phishing Attack 

Organizations like yours are repeatedly attacked with phishing campaigns - no one is safe from them. But what needs to happen when one of your end users clicks a link or opens an attachment in a social engineering phishing email? You need to know how to quickly and effectively react to the attack and measure the overall risk.

In this on-demand webinar James McQuiggan, KnowBe4’s Technical Evangelist, shows you how your organization can quickly and effectively react to a phishing attack, mitigate the impact, and reduce your organizational risk in the future.

You’ll learn the 5 things to do when your organization becomes the victim of a phishing attack:

  1. Incident Response criteria for single or mass phishing infections
  2. Keys measures for your recovery process
  3. Tools that can help with your recovery process
  4. How threat intelligence can help you prevent future attacks
  5. The importance of training your users to report phishing red flags and avoid future incidents

Learn how to prepare and respond so that your organization doesn't become another statistic!

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