Navigating New Complexities: The Role of AI in Compliance Training Programs

Title: Navigating New Complexities: The Role of AI in Compliance Training Programs

Duration: 30 minutes


Maximize the impact of AI in your compliance training programs with strategic insights that ensure data protection and safeguard your proprietary content. Discover accessible solutions that simplify complex challenges while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Watch this exclusive webinar where John Just Ed.D., KnowBe4's Chief Learning Officer, and Kala Cadwell, KnowBe4’s Courseware Services Director, invite you to explore the forefront of AI integration in compliance training programs.

With years of experience guiding organizations through the intricate landscape of compliance and e-learning, John and Kala will share valuable insights and practical solutions to harness AI's full potential without compromising privacy or ethics. They’ll discuss:

  • Best practices to secure data privacy when utilizing generative AI tools in training

  • Techniques for honoring intellectual property amidst the proliferation of AI-generated content

  • The game-changing role of AI avatars and synthetic voices in training development and localization

  • Confronting data privacy and intellectual property concerns with confidence, and guiding principles for maintaining high ethical standards with AI applications

  • The undeniable importance of ongoing, dynamic training tailored to shifting regulatory demands

Watch this webinar to help your organization develop a robust compliance culture that fully embraces AI's advantages in the modern workplace. 


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John Just
Chief Learning Officer

John Just is a national leader in eLearning and has provided expert advice to many enterprises across the United States, including Fortune 500 and nonprofit firms. He is currently the Senior Vice President of KnowBe4, the world's largest cybersecurity awareness training organization. Dr. Just was formerly senior vice president of education solutions for nThrive, where he led development and custom e-learning services that provided industry-leading eLearning to millions of learners. He has held positions as IT director and web-design instructor at Florida Virtual School, instructional design and technology professor at University of Tampa, chief information officer at Pinellas County Schools, and co-founder and head-of-school at Pinellas Virtual School. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University, a master’s degree in instructional technology from the University of South Florida, and a doctorate in instructional technology & distance education from Nova Southeastern University.

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