ransomware social engineering attack
Why Security Awareness Training? Ransomware, That's Why...

Since September 2013, several ransomware strains are attacking end-users. You cannot just rely on your filters, you also have to train your end-users. Here are some system admin quotes:

  1. "Just Paid Cryptolocker - We got infected, found our backups did not work and we had to pay."
  2. "Went through this 2 weeks ago - We had backups, but that meant we lost a day and a half."
  3. "CryptoDefense deleted my Shadow Volume Copies - that really caused a major problem."
  4. "Cryptolocker SUCKS" - This really is the nastiest thing on the web at the moment."
  5. "Ouch. This stinks" -  Our comptroller opened the attachment, and her PC got infected. The phishing email passed through hosted email filtering, our "advanced" firewall and the AV on the workstation." 

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