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Report: Endpoint Protection Ransomware Effectiveness 

What is really the best way to combat the threat of ransomware?

It's estimated that in 2016, the cost of ransomware was over $1 Billion, making it the most lucrative criminal business model in the history of malware. Every organization is at risk and with over 33% of businesses experiencing an attack in the past year, it's more important than ever to have adequate protection in place.

For this report, we surveyed businesses across all industries to find out what they're doing to defend themselves. We thoroughly examined who is at risk, what the scope and cost of an attack is, how organizations are protecting themselves from ransomware, and the effectiveness of their endpoint protection. 

The results might surprise you!

You will learn more about:

checkmark The impact of an attack

checkmark How effective is antivirus against ransomware?

checkmark What are the best prevention methods?

checkmark How to strengthen your last line of defense - your users.




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