Gartner Report: Fight Unsecure Employee Behaviors by Fixing Your Risk Culture

According to Gartner, "Organizations can proactively position themselves for greater success in their digital journeys by encouraging secure employee behavior."

Further the report says, "Even though most information security programs heavily focus on technology solutions, unsecure employee behavior remains the top cause of cyberbreaches and regulatory violations. CIOs need to make sustainable changes to the real root cause driver of employee behavior - the underlying risk culture." 

Check out this report from Gartner that addresses three key challenges: 

  • "Unsecure employee behaviors are a major cause of security incidents.

  • Most security programs underinvest in the human element.

  • By overlooking the underlying cultural elements that drive unsecure behaviors, organizations create a false sense of security and protection around their information assets. "

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Gartner, Fight Unsecure Employee Behaviors by Fixing Your Risk Culture, Srinath Sampath, 9 May 2019

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