On-Demand Webinar How to Gain and Maintain Executive Support for Security Awareness Training

You know that having a healthy and functioning security awareness culture within your organization is key to avoiding a costly data breach. Your employees are your last line of defense against phishing attacks and keeping them on their toes and aware of the latest threats is critical. However, getting buy-in from executives to start, and more importantly, maintain a new-school security awareness program can prove to be a challenge.
In this webinar, Perry Carpenter, Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer at KnowBe4, helps you detangle the complicated web of politics around securing executive support for security awareness training.

Get actionable insights on:
  • Capturing executive attention
  • How to frame the story of your program’s value position
  • What to measure before you present your program
  • How to not drown your executives in data
  • Setting intentional and actionable goals for your program

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