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Live Demo: New-school Security Awareness Training

Today, your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. Old-school Security Awareness Training doesn’t hack it anymore. More than ever, your users are the weak link in your network security. Get a product demonstration of the innovative Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training Platform. In this live one-on-one demo we will show you how you can:

checkmark Access to the world's largest library of security awareness training.

checkmark Send Simulated Phishing tests and drive down the Phish-prone percentage.

checkmark Advanced Features: Smart Groups that automate the path your employees take to smarter security decisions. ASAP to build your awareness program in just minutes.

 checkmark Active Directory Integration allows you to easily upload and manage users. 

 checkmark Reporting to watch your Phish-prone percentage drop, with great ROI.


See for yourself why 20,000 of your peers use KnowBe4 to train and phish their users.


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