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Old-school Security Awareness Training does not hack it anymore

Security Awareness Training Platform

Today, your employees are frequently exposed to advanced phishing and ransomware attacks. Here are the Top 5 reasons why you need to deploy New-school Security Awareness Training:

  1. Social Engineering is the No. 1 go-to strategy for cybercriminals. Unfortunately their time is money too. They are going after the human—the weakest link in IT security—and your last line of defense.
  2. Ransomware is only going to get worse. Email is still their favorite attack vector, and their sophistication is increasing by the month. The downtime caused by ransomware can be massive.
  3. Compliance requirements for awareness training are being sharpened up. Thinking that today you can get away with a yearly one-time, old-school awareness training session is whistling past the graveyard. GDPR is a good example, we have compliance training ready in 24 languages.
  4. Legally you are required to act "reasonably" and take "necessary" measures to cope with a threat. If you don't, you violate either compliance laws, regulations, or recent case law. Your organization must "scale security measures to reflect the threat".
  5. Board members' No. 1 focus today is cyber security. Some very pointed questions will be asked if they read in the Wall Street Journal that your customer database was hacked and the breach data is being sold on the dark web.

Your users are your last line of defense. Find out how affordable creating a "Human Firewall" is. Get a quote for your organization now and be pleasantly surprised.

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