On-Demand Webinar: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Learn the Methods Bad Actors Use to Hack Your Organization

The digital age has unleashed massive amounts of personal and organizational data on the internet. No breaking through firewalls or exploiting vulnerabilities required. 

It is shockingly easy to gather detailed intelligence on individuals and organizations. Everything cybercriminals need to specifically target your end users is out there for the taking. Password clues, tech stack details, and banking/credit card accounts can be found easily and through public resources. There’s even a name for it: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).


No one knows OSINT techniques and how bad actors use them better than Rosa Smothers, former CIA Cyber Threat Analyst and Technical Intelligence Officer, now KnowBe4’s SVP of Cyber Operations and James McQuiggan, KnowBe4’s Security Awareness Advocate. 

Watch Rosa and James in this on-demand webinar where you will gain insights on how to leverage OSINT to defend your organization and outthink cybercriminals!

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to use OSINT techniques to gather the details you need for effective investigations
  • What specific apps and analytic techniques can enhance your research and data interpretation
  • Demonstrations of OSINT gathering techniques you can use before the cybercriminals do
  • How training your users to understand OSINT and their digital footprint can protect your organization

Learn how to use the cybercriminals’ best techniques before they do!

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"Good overview of several tools. Allowed me to determine what might be right for my organization and can now do a deeper dive into those tools."
"It is very helpful seeing the demos of the tools discussed. Always get valuable tips from KnowBe4 webinars."
"One of the better webinars - good info and allowed user to practice using tools + follow along during demo. Thanks"
"This was a great webinar. It provided a great set to OSINT tools for security professionals that are in organizations with budget constraints that limit spending on cybersecurity intelligence tools and penetration testing. Thanks for the insight."

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