Phishing Benchmarking For South America

Ransomware, phishing and mobile phone theft are among the top cyber threats targeting organizations and individuals throughout Latin America, with 55% of organizations in Brazil being targeted by ransomware this year alone. 

Combined with a 40% increase in cryptocurrency-focused phishing attacks, cybersecurity leaders throughout South America are now placing increased emphasis on mitigating the threat posed by social engineering and phishing cyber threats.


To assist South America with evaluating their Phish-prone Percentage and understanding general attitudes towards cybersecurity, our partner KnowBe4 conducts an annual study to provide definitive benchmarking data across small, medium and large organizations by geographical region. This report provides an overview of key findings for South America relative to the rest of the globe.

Read this report to learn:

  • The most prevalent cyber issues facing South America
  • The Phish-prone Percentage of organizations within your industry throughout South America
  • Three key takeaways to mitigate the threat of social engineering cyber attacks

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