Combatting Rogue URL Tricks: How You Can Quickly Identify and Investigate the Latest Phishing Attacks 

Don't click phishy links. Everyone knows that. But are your end users prepared to quickly identify today's tricky tactics being used by the bad guys? Probably not. Cybercriminals have moved beyond simple bait and switch domains. They're now employing a variety of advanced social engineering techniques to entice your users into clicking and putting your network at risk. You need to stay a step ahead of the bad guys.

In this on-demand webinar Roger Grimes, KnowBe4's Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, shows you how to become a rogue URL expert.

He’ll dive deep into the latest techniques and defenses to share:

  • Real-life examples of advanced attacks using rogue digital certificates, homograph attacks, and more
  • Safe forensic methods for examining URLs and other tactics for investigating phishy emails
  • Strategies for dissecting URLs on mobile without clicking
  • Simple ways you can train your users to scrutinize URLs and keep your network safe

Find out what you need to know to keep your network protected

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4.75 Stars

4.75 Star Review

What People Had to Say!

"As usual another great webinar.  Thank you for all the information that you provide and supporting the information with examples.  This makes it much easier to understand and to see how these attacks are used."
"BEST one yet! OMG! Incredible! If there is a boot camp, I want to go!"
"Finally a webinar with useful information. It gave me inspiration for new phishing tests, a review of how we investigate phishy emails, and for checking our defense. Thank you!"
"Great information!  Strong presentation - one of my favorites with lots of information that I can share with our employees."
"Roger Grimes covered a lot of material in an hour and did an outstanding job.  He is detailed, provides relevant snapshots and is concise.  Awesome presentation!  Thank you."

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