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Security Awareness Training and Real-Time Security Coaching: The Perfect Combination

A whopping 74% of all data breaches can be traced to human-related causes, and it’s easy to see why. In a world where networks and applications are becoming increasingly difficult to compromise, humans are the primary attack vector.

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It’s the main reason why real-time security coaching has emerged as a new category of cybersecurity tools focused on the human layer of cybersecurity strategy. Real-time security coaching analyzes and responds to risky employee behavior as it happens. 

Alongside security awareness training, it’s now a critical component of strengthening your organization’s security culture.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • Six ways real-time security coaching complements and reinforces your security awareness training
  • Why it's the next logical step if your organization has a mature security awareness training program
  • Will allow your organization to measure and quantify risk based on human behavior by going beyond security awareness training and simulated phishing

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