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7 Social Engineering Threats That Real-Time Coaching Helps Mitigate

New-school security awareness training is one of the best ways to fortify your organization's human firewall. 

7 Social Engineering Threats Real-Time Coaching Helps Mitigate

Another is real-time coaching of users in response to risky security behaviors by sending the right education at the moment of risky action. To accomplish this, a real-time coaching platform consolidates alert data from your organization's existing security stack, analyzes it and determines which threats provide the best opportunities to coach your users. 

Real-time coaching presents the chance for organizations to fortify their human firewall against an array of social engineering threats.

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  • The seven most common threats that real-time coaching helps mitigate 
  • Examples of how real-time coaching can leverage alert data from your existing security stack
  • How real-time security coaching reinforces your existing security awareness training

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