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Email Best Practices
The Training Campaigns do the heavy lifting of getting users through their training and this handy PDF has some useful DO's and DON'Ts that each employee can print out.

Social Engineering Red Flags
The Training Campaigns do the heavy lifting of getting users through their training and this handy PDF walks employees for the top 22 things to watch out for that each employee can print out.

CEO Fraud Training Module
In this 10-minute module, employees are quickly brought up to speed to inoculate them against what the FBI calls "Business Email Compromise" and what is commonly known as CEO Fraud. Concepts like social engineering, email spoofing, and the two ways that CEO Fraud is being perpetrated are covered. There is a short video with a live demo of an infected Excel file, and a short quiz to test understanding at the end. Downloadable PDF Resources: Social Engineering Red Flags, and Security Awareness: Best Practices.

Social Engineering Training Module
This 5-minute micro-module defines social engineering and describes what criminals are after. It covers the three main areas of attack: digital attacks, in-person attacks, and phone attacks.

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