On-Demand Webinar: 10 Tips You Can Use to Run a Successful Compliance Training Program

Has compliance training been a continuous challenge to get right? You’re not alone. 

Many organizations have struggled with implementing compliance training that is effective, easy to deliver and something that their users get excited about. Difficult topics are not sufficiently addressed and linking compliance training to specific outcomes has been hard.

In this on-demand webinar John Just Ed.D., KnowBe4’s Chief Learning Officer, shares with you his top 10 tips to make compliance training easier for you and more effective for your organization.

John shows you:

  • Common obstacles organizations run into with compliance training programs
  • Ten tips you can apply to get the most out of your program 
  • Strategies your peers have implemented to improve their compliance training
  • Real-life anecdotes from customers with lessons you can start implementing today

KnowBe4 has been using these best practices to help customers and other e-learning companies develop compliance content for years. Let us help you deliver the most effective compliance training program for your organization.


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What People Had to Say!

"Clear, concise, useful, well-presented information that I can apply to my company's compliance program. Thank you."
"Helps validate what we're doing right, and where we can improve."
"It was good advice and I liked the different suggestions on making training interesting. Thanks"
"It was informative and some things that we already implement in our corporation but, did share some detail that could possibly help improve the responsiveness overall"
"Great content expertly presented"

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