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The State of Privacy Compliance in the U.S.

“Data breach” has unfortunately become a common word in our increasingly-connected world.

The actions of cybercriminals, and the mistakes of the average employee, have meant there is no shortage of data available to fuel identity theft, financial fraud, and other malicious threats. Due in part to public backlash to all-too-common data breaches, privacy regulations have become just one of many requirements for organizations when it comes to the sensitive data of both customers and employees.

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Knowing where organizations like yours stand in relation to your peers and what data privacy elements still need work is an important step in prioritizing your next steps, ensuring compliance and reducing risk.

Read this original research report, produced by Osterman Research, to explore how mid-size and large organizations in the U.S,. are preparing for ever-emerging privacy regulations and what work still needs doing. The report also provides a roadmap and a set of guideposts to help in safeguarding customer trust and meeting current and emerging regulatory requirements.

Download this report for insight into:

  • How mature most organizations are in their approach to complying with privacy regulations
  • The top motivations for privacy compliance (It might not be what you think)
  • How much organizations know about the sensitive data they hold
  • The impact employee training can have on reducing overall risk

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