Think Like a Hacker: Learn How to Use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to Defend Your Organization

In today's digital age we are surrounded by massive amounts of data every day. This makes it ridiculously easy to gather shockingly detailed information about anyone… even your organization. Bad actors use open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques to gather this inside knowledge and create attacks your users will click on. No one knows this better than former CIA Cyber Threat Analyst and Technical Intelligence Officer, Rosa Smothers. But she can show you how to use OSINT to turn the tables on the bad actors and regain the upper hand.

In this on-demand webinar Rosa, now KnowBe4's SVP of Cyber Operations shares her insights on how to leverage OSINT to defend your organization and think like a hacker!

Rosa shows you:

  • How to go beyond general OSINT techniques to gather the details you need for effective investigations

  • Apps and analytic techniques that enhance your research and data interpretation

  • Live demonstrations of OSINT gathering techniques you can use before the bad guys do

  • How training your users to understand OSINT and their digital footprint can protect your organization from threat actors

Learn how to use hackers' best techniques against them!


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4.5 stars

4.58 Star Review

What People Had to Say!

"Excellent! This webinar far surpassed most I have attended in terms of sheer depth of information. Looking forward to the next!"
"Great information and great toolset recommendations for those of us wearing too many hats but still trying to keep the company and staff as safe as possible. Great Job!"
"Lots of great information and resources to use. I especially liked the Apps and Tools mentioned and demonstrated."
"Loved it. Directs us to think like a hacker. This works to make us better users/promoters of the importance of cyber security awareness."
"Rosa is super excellent with practical knowledge & interesting experiences & stories." 
"Very informative. One of my favorite webinars so far. Nice to see a female in the industry who knows a lot."

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