Cyber security and security awareness landscapes are constantly changing.  IT Professionals, like you, always need to know what is coming next in order to build (and maintain) effective security cultures and programs at your organization. Policy changes, evolving technologies, and even world events all play a part in attack vectors and how you respond to threats.

To help you master the challenges ahead, KnowBe4 Evangelists, Roger Grimes, Javvad Malik and Erich Kron, share their top predictions for the coming year and discuss where the future of security awareness is heading in 2020.

You'll want to watch this video to see their predictions for:

  • The future of privacy and data protection policies around the world
  • Changes to voting procedures and factors impacting election security
  • How the Internet of Everything and evolved spear phishing will make spotting attacks even harder
  • How you can prepare your users now to identify the threats of tomorrow


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