Security Trends Video Play Button (1)Defending your organization against cyber threats is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Cultural differences, language barriers, regional policies and more can mean that what is happening (and working) in North America in the IT security space may not necessarily fit the bill in other parts of the world.

In this discussion, Javvad Malik and Jelle Wieringa, European-based Security Awareness Advocates for KnowBe4, share their insights on current and future cybersecurity trends across Europe that your organization needs to know about.

They discuss:

  • The far-reaching implications of GDPR
  • What SOCs need to be doing differently in Europe compared to their North American counterparts
  • The evolution of security awareness in Europe
  • Emerging threats and applications of deepfake technology
  • What the future may hold and how Europe is leading the world in privacy

Join Javvad and Jelle as they tackle how you and your organization can better prepare and defend against these ever-changing threats.


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