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Identify weak user passwords in your organization with the newly enhanced Weak Password Test

How many of your users have passwords that could be easily guessed or brute forced?

Identify users with weak passwords so you can take action and safeguard your organization.

Cybercriminals never stop looking for ways to hack into your network, but if your users’ passwords can be guessed, they’ve made the bad actors’ jobs that much easier.

Verizon's recent Data Breach Report showed that 81% of hacking-related breaches use either stolen or weak passwords. 

The Weak Password Test (WPT) is a free tool to help IT Administrators know which users have passwords that are easily guessed or susceptible to brute force attacks, allowing them to take action toward protecting their organization.

Weak Password Test checks the Active Directory for several types of weak password-related threats and generates a report of users with weak passwords.

Here's how Weak Password Test works:

  • Connects to Active Directory to retrieve password table

  • Tests against 10 types of weak password related threats

  • Displays which users failed and why

  • Does not display or store the actual passwords 

  • Just download, install and run. Results in a few minutes! 


Don't let weak passwords be the downfall of your network security. Take advantage of KnowBe4's Weak Password Test and gain invaluable insights into the strength of your password protocols.


Requirements: Active Directory, Windows 10 or later (32- or 64-bit), Windows Server 2016 or later. For full list of requirements visit our support article: https://support.knowbe4.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006118227


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