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On-Demand Webinar: 

Your Organization Through the Eyes of an Attacker

Attackers follow a number of paths as they search for entry-points into your organization. In this webinar, we'll show you easy ways to stalk and attack your organization to improve security.

Join Perry Carpenter, Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer at KnowBe4 and former Gartner Research Analyst, in this practical session providing a high-level overview of the theory/practices used, showing you how to simulate those same tactics using both free and subscription-based aspects of KnowBe4's platform.

Your Orginization Through the Eyes of an Attacker

Key topics covered in this 30-minute webinar:

  • Understanding the attacker's workflow
  • Selecting targets and entry points
  • Promoting a culture of security awareness
  • Creating your own 'Red Team' activities using KnowBe4 as part of penetration testing initiatives


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