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Techniques for Dealing with Ransomware,

Business Email Compromise and Spear Phishing

an Osterman Research Whitepaper

Are you confident that your users will spot a phishing attack?

Most IT decision makers are not confident and feel users are the weakest link in networks security. Ransomware, business email compromise (commonly referred to as CEO fraud) and spear phishing are serious problems that can steal your data, intercept funds, and disable access to your organization's network. These threats are only growing and have devastating impacts on businesses of all sizes. Ransomware alone cost organizations an estimated $1 billion in 2016, up from $24 million in 2015 and there is no end in sight for 2017!

This new Osterman Research whitepaper gives you a background of why ransomware, business email compromise and spearphishing threats continue to be successful as well as recommended best practices in defending against these threats. 

Among these best practices is implementing security awareness training for users as your last line of defense.

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Download the Whitepaper: