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Better Together: Security Awareness and Compliance Training

In the drive to build a security culture, security awareness and compliance training should work hand in hand.

Having a comprehensive approach to both security and compliance training can help lower the risk of fines, reputational damage, customer turnover and other results of noncompliance. 

Better Together: Security Awareness And Compliance Training

But with often disparate approaches to both, how can you get there?

In this whitepaper we'll explore some typical challenges to combining security awareness training and compliance training and take a closer look at four principles to guide you. 

You’ll learn more about these four strategies for delivering a cohesive training experience:

  • Architecting a plan that drives a more security and compliance aware culture

  • Deploying a diverse pool of content coupled with a simulated phishing program running phishing email tests

  • Using a variety of communication tools to keep security front of mind

  • Measuring along the way

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