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Building an Effective and Comprehensive Security Awareness Program

You’ve heard that your users are the weakest link in network security and you have read the stories about cybercrime attacks becoming much more sophisticated and intense. The news is the same: cybercriminals are going after your employees.

Now, you’ve been put in charge of what may seem like a daunting task, ensuring your organization has an effective and comprehensive security awareness program. 

So where do you start? This paper will help break down the critical components of a successful security awareness program and connect them together into something comprehensive, continuous and engaging.

You’ll learn strategies for:

  • Setting goals for your security awareness training program
  • Gathering internal advocates for your cause
  • Developing a data-driven simulated phishing initiative that gets results
  • Communicating the importance of a security-aware culture organization wide
  • The work you put in now is vital and may well save your organization in the future. 

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Building an Effective and Comprehensive Security Awareness Program

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